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University of Adelaide Palaeontologists

The University of Adelaide houses a large diversity of palaeontological research and associated palaeo-sciences. We research South Australia's three most iconic fossil localities: Ediacaran Biota at Nilpena, Cambrian Fauna at Emu Bay, and vertebrate fauna at the Naracoorte Caves. Other fields that we research are palaeobotany, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology, Ancient DNA, palynology, and optically stimulated luminescence dating. 

University of Adelaide Palaeontologists is a society at the University of Adelaide. It is run by the palaeontological and palaeo-science researchers, Ph.D candidates and Honours students at the University.

We run and are involved in a broad range of events though out the year so check our events page to see what event will be next!


University of Adelaide and flinders university
Quiz Night

- 8th september 2023 -
doors open @ 6 pm
Flinders uni campus

Get your tickets here
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